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What kind of veggies do we grow?

We grow over 30 types of vegetables seasonally on our farm. From all the summer favorites like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to the best tasting greens that you can imagine. We bring the best of what is seasonal and flavorful right to your table.

Home grown veggies in Belleville, Michigan

Want to learn MOre?

Check out our CSA application for all the information that you need to get started on you CSA adventure!

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What is a flexible CSA?

The Old City Acres flexible CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) combines the amazing freshness and quality you get from the farmer's market with the convenience and ease that comes from  contactless flexible pick up. You decided what you get, when you want it, and how much you want all while supporting your local farmer and growing the local food economy.

With 6 unheated greenhouses, our farm and CSA operates all year round, so you are guaranteed the best of seasonal veggies from sweet winter kale and spinach to juicy summer tomatoes.

Enjoy a year's worth of veggies with convenient pick up and ordering when you join the Old City Acre CSA!