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Started in 2013, Old City Acres is a vegetable farm based out of belleville, Michigan. Our main focus and goal is providing the freshest, tastiest, and most nutrient dense food possible to the local south east Michigan community. Old City Acres sells to restaurants, grocery stores, cooperatives, cafes, and farmers markets. Although not certified, all of the produce is grown using beyond organic practices, but all of the veggies are grown with the most important thing, love. 

Seth Torkelson-Regan

"When Alex asked Seth in the fall of 2017 to join him as Old City Acres’ Master of Ceremonies and Ambassador to Latin America, Seth responded, “Well, only if I get to do farm work, too.” From his days growing up on a small farm in Amish country in northern Indiana to working on a variety of farms throughout college, Seth has gathered a plethora of farming knowledge. Seth is an educator at heart, so he sees the farm and markets as learning spaces. When not farming, Seth enjoys playing soccer, reading, watching movies, playing guitar and singing. Seth lives in Ypsilanti with his spouse and, someday, pets."

 Alexander Ball is the owner/farm manager of Old City Acres. He started the farm in 2013 with the simple goal of growing high quality food for those in his local community. Besides farming, he enjoys backpacking, kayaking, and watching movies. If you come to any of our farmer's markets, you will see him there bright and early ready to sell produce with a smile.

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